Walker Hornung and The Brotherhood of the Grape have left a significant mark in music. Walker, in collaboration with the band Q-South, emerged in the bustling scene of New York City, introducing a revolutionary sound—a fusion of rock infused with the captivating flair of flamenco guitars. This amalgamation of musical styles birthed the timeless, eponymous album "Q-South" in 1997, capturing the hearts of many through unforgettable performances in Manhattan and beyond.Walker's artistic exploration extended beyond this fusion, leading to collaborations with Soca sensations such as Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, and Bunji Garlin. The vibrant rhythms of the Caribbean became a fertile ground for Walker's unique blend of rock and soca, epitomized in the groundbreaking duet "With or Without You," with its flipside boasting what is now recognized as the first Soca/Rock song ever—titled "The Sky is Falling" in 1998.Following a string of hits and a few years post the Q-South debut, The Brotherhood of the Grape was formed. Their musical journey was encapsulated in the album "Almost Homeless" (2002), followed by "Bar-Humbug" (2003), "The One and Lonely" (2005), and "Dive Deep Down" (2016). These releases, along with Walker Hornung's solo albums "Soca and Me" (2008), "Songs from the Old Neighborhood" (2010), "Q-South Live @ C.B.G.B's" (2011), "Greetings From South Queens" (2012), and "The King's Heartbeat" (2013), are all available through Into the Whip Records.In 2013, Walker, in collaboration with producer Kooly Chat, founded "The King's Heartbeat," a fusion of Rock/Reggae and Soca featuring B.M.W.A, Luci Emm, and Walker sharing vocal duties. This band seamlessly encapsulated the essence of various genres from Walker's extensive musical journey.The Brotherhood of the Grape's 2016 release, "Dive Deep Down," was supported by an extensive tour in 2017. Subsequently, in January of 2017, Walker, Rjae Ism, and Ed "The Ace" Klinger unveiled their avant-garde masterpiece titled "The Great Silence of Outer Space." The year 2020 witnessed the release of "A Sacred Thing" by The Brotherhood of the Grape, followed by "The Bee Keeper" in 2021, featuring the title track with Gerry Leonard (Bowie/S.Vega).The musical journey continues into 2023 with the release of "The Wine of Youth Collection" a career retrospect of 30 years, brimming with excitement. The year commenced with a UK/Ireland tour in support of Glen Matlock and Clem Burke in March. In 2024 "Expectations," a brand new album by The Brotherhood in the trio format, is set to captivate audiences—stay tuned for an exciting musical journey unfolding before us. -Jim Maguire, Into The Whip Records.

Band Members 
Current Line-up in The Brotherhood of the Grape
Walker Hornung: Songwriter/Vocals/Guitar
Eddy Joe McCabe: Bass
R.J. Puckhaber: Drums/Production
Ed "The Ace" Klinger Drums/Production